“A roofer is in the area inspecting roofs for recent damage, should I trust these guys if my roof is damaged?”

When there has been a heavy storm in the area, the roof inspectors come out. You either get a knock at the door or a phone call with the message; “We’re in your neighborhood because of recent weather causing damage to roofs in the area. Would you like a free roof inspection?”

Our advice is to say NO. If you think you have roof damage due to weather, find your own roofer. In fact, call your insurance agent first so you can find a roofer that has been vetted.

“At Trunnell Insurance Services we suggest doing your homework before hiring a roofing contractor to repair any damage, especially when an insurance claim involved.”

And never sign any type of agreement with a roofing contractor if they say “we’ll take care of everything”…The agreement may give them power of attorney and impose penalties if you do not do what they want.

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