Automatic Braking and Crash Avoidance Technology

The technology that goes into new cars today is amazing. It can also save you money on insurance premiums. Automatic braking and driver-assist technology make the roads safer…and you a safer driver. Be sure to mention if you have this tech in your vehicle.

Discounts for Anti Theft Device 

Many insurers offer discounts when a car has an anti-theft device installed. You can usually save a few percent of your premium by having an alarm system in our car. Most of today’s new cars come with alarms installed as a standard, with older vehicles you may need to have a system installed.

Telemetrics – Monitored Driving

For safe and low mileage drivers, you may want to look into a usage-based policy. With a program like Snapshot from Progressive, you share your driving information with them in exchange for possible discounts if certain driving standards are met. This may be an option for a driver who drives less than 10,000 miles per year. This technology allows the insurance companies to make sure you are not on your phone, keep track of your millage,  and monitor speeding and aggressive driving.

Multiple Driver Discounts 

Having multiple drivers and multiple vehicles under the same policy allows insurance companies to offer you bulk rates. This is very common but does not always save money. Make sure each driver and vehicle is looked at individually, very high or very low-risk situations may be handled better with multiple insurers. Talk to your agent to see what drivers qualify to be under one policy.

Look for Better Premiums

If your policy is coming due and your premiums have gone up in the last few years, it is worth it to shop around for a better policy. If you work directly with one of the big insurers like State Farm you may gain new insight into what insurance is best for you by calling an independent broker.

Be a Safe Driver

The safer driver you are, the less likely you are to get into an accident. Over time this can drastically lower your auto insurance premiums. It will also save on car maintenance, fuel usage, and damage repair. Mobile phones are the newest danger to the roads. Follow the law and do not text while driving. If you need to use the phone, have a hands free set up. 

Call an Insurance Broker

An insurance broker works with many insurers and will get quotes from all of them to find you the best deal. Do your research and find a reputable broker. Look at online reviews and their website. Call them and talk to them first without walking away with new insurance, make sure they are the right people to work with.

Getting the right insurance can be tricky. Take the hassle out of finding the best policy for your needs…we do all the leg work!