Auto Insurance is essential and can save you lots of money. If you get in an accident auto insurance can pay for a new car or repairs to your car. Also, if you get injured auto insurance can pay for the hospital bill. Read the story below to see what can happen if you don’t have auto insurance. The couple in the story doesn’t have auto insurance and in turn, they have to pay the price. 

The Story

One day the Tardys were driving down the road. Suddenly, a deer came out into the road out of nowhere. Mr. Tardy swerved to avoid the deer and drove straight into a tree! Mrs. Tardy called 911 and a police car arrived. After making sure no one was hurt the police officer told the Tardys that they needed to fill out a form for their auto insurance. “But,” Mrs. Tardy protested, “We don’t have auto insurance.” “Well,” the police officer responded, “That’s going to be a problem.” He told the Tardys that auto insurance would cover the most or all of the expenses of a new car. He drove the Tardys to the hospital to make sure they were alright, then drove them home. That night, Mr. and Mrs. Tardy looked on the computer and bought auto insurance. It was too late to cover the cost of a new car, but now the Tardys were prepared for next time. So get on your computers and if you don’t have auto insurance look through your options and buy what’s best for you.

Deer Can Cause Damage, Get Auto Insurance!

I hope you learned something through that story. The Tardys ended up buying auto insurance, but it was too late. Get auto insurance before it’s too late and you end up paying lots of money. Call Trunnell Insurance now to get a free estimate on how much your monthly payments will be. Trunnell deals with all kinds of insurance so after calling them you may figure out its not just auto insurance you need!