Low Millage Auto Insurance - What Options Are There?

Some people just don’t drive much! In areas like Naperville and the Chicago suburbs, many people work from home and with all the conveniences of Netflix and Amazon, we really don’t have to travel that much to get what we need. If you are a low millage driver, what are your options for a lower insurance premium?

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Most insurance companies are more worried about your driving habits due to distracted driving.

So, the best option is usually a telemetrics system that monitors your driving habits, via an app on your phone or a adapter in your car. There may be other options depending on your carrier.

Under 7500 Miles

If you put less that 7,500 miles on your vehicle you may be eligible for a low millage discount. Exact millage varies by insurer, but most offer some kind of discount. You’ll usually need to account for the low millage with odometer reading or some type of telemetry that tracks your driving.

Super Low Miles, Like 2500

For super low millage drivers, you need to sign up for one of the telematic programs where it monitors your driving for 60-90 days. This verifies your driving habbits and can dramaticall lower your premium.

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