With Spring comes storms and hail. This is the time of year Trunnell Insurance gets more inquires about insurance coverage for hail and storm damage to roofs. Roof claims can be overwhelming whether they belong to your home or business. If unsure about your current coverage for roof damage, give us a call. We’ll review your current policy and advise if it needs changing.

What to do if a hail storm hits:

Look for signs of damage

Look for dents, broken windows, and missing shingles when surveying your building after a storm. If you don’t want to climb a ladder stand in your yard and use binoculars to inspect.  Even if there is no obvious damage, large hail can cause issues that lead to leaks. When a bad storm hits, many roofing contractors will do free inspections.  However, use a local, long-standing roofing company with a good reputation.  Don’t work with any company knocking on doors. Many “storm chasing” roofers are fly-by-night, do sub par repair and won’t be around to guarantee their work if warranty issues arise.

Take Photos

Hail melts, you’ll want proof that is what it was. Include AC Units and any other damaged items outside the house.

Call Your Insurance Agent/Broker

For minimal damage (or if you’re unsure):

Discuss with your agent to decide if it’s worth calling in a smaller claim.  Most companies give you 6 to 12 months to file.  A claim will affect your policy for the next 3-5 years.  It’s wise to figure out the what it will cost over time so you don’t pay the damage back in higher premiums.

Catastrophic damage:

Sounds obvious, but call it in immediately. When a large storm hits, insurers and contractors can be overwhelmed with the number of properties that need inspected.  Make a note of the exact time of the storm and have the pictures ready to send via email.