Pools & Trampolines: What do you need coverage for?…..

With summer comes the outdoors, which means pools and trampolines.

Homeowners with pools and trampolines need to be aware of the rules and regulations in their town and make sure they aware of potential insurance implications.

Your insurance policy requires private pools and trampolines to be fenced, but most city property laws don’t address trampolines. Some companies don’t allow diving boards and slides. Make sure you know the details for your policy or call Trunnell Insurance Services to find out.  A Personal Umbrella policies is recommended for all homeowners with a pool or trampoline.

If you are concerned about being liable for injury or death, you should be.

Trampolines are a larger risk than pools. Why?  Ease of accessibility. Kids see it’s available, get on and jump.  With a pool you have to wear swimwear, dry off and everyone is aware of drowning. Children on a trampoline don’t think they will get hurt so they imitate pro-wrestling, martial arts and gymnastics, making an injury more likely to happen. Our advice: Don’t buy one.

Having the right insurance keeps summer worry free when friends and family are over playing in the pool or on the trampoline. Call Trunnell Insurance Services to discuss your individual needs.