Life Insurance Quote Elgin

life insurance quote elgin

October 31, 2016


Death is part of man’s life cycle. Untimely death comes when your family is not financially ready. This is why a life insurance policy is a must have to secure your loved ones when your end comes. Here are the reasons why you must have a life insurance quote in Elgin:

  • Life insurance policy provides financial security for the family after the demise of the policyholder.
  • Your policy is not subject to tax.
  • The amount cashed out or loaned is tax free.
  • Life insurance can be swapped for another life insurance policy without paying tax.
  • Your cash value grows without tax.
  • Withdrawals of cash values are also income tax free.
  • Life insurance policy is flexible as you can convert it to term or permanent life insurance.

Life Insurance Quote Elgin

Types of Life Insurance Quote Elgin

Individuals can choose which types of insurance policy that fits their budget. Take a look at the following type of life insurance quote Elgin:

  • Universal life insurance-This policy offers lifetime coverage to the beneficiary of the insured. It is flexible in the like that you can opt to increase your premium to have higher cash benefits. You may choose to get the lump sum amount when the premium matures. Instead, you can use the cash out to start a business.
  • Term life insurance-This policy provides protection to the insured for a certain period of time while the premium remains the same. When the period lapsed, you may opt to extend the period with an increased amount of premium. In case you die, your family can benefit from the cash out to start a business, mortgage payment, education for the kids and to pay off debts.
  • Whole life insurance-A permanent insurance that you can pass on to your beneficiaries with higher premium compared to term life policy. It serves as your savings with your cash value grows.

How Life Insurance Quote Elgin Can Help You

Preserving your wealth through life insurance secures you and your beneficiaries’ future. Life insurance will free your mind from fears when you are gone. It is about time that you meet our agent to discuss how life insurance quote Elgin can help you. We recommend you to contact us and get a free quote. (630) 947-7980 Call us today!