Summertime Insurance Check-In 3: Back to School

With summer almost over, it is now time to think about getting back to school. Make sure your college or high school student has the right insurance coverage they’ll need at school.

What coverage does a student need?

College Students

Dorm Living

Any student living in college or university housing on campus is generally covered under the parents’ homeowner’s policy. The school should also have their own coverage.

Apartment Living – Off-Campus

Students that rent an apartment off-campus need to have renter’s insurance. It is often best for all renters to have their own policy. While some may think that if one student in a 4-bedroom house has a policy it covers all the tenants and it may not. 

Auto Insurance

If the school your student attends is out of town or state, you’ll need to inform your insurance provider that your student is no longer living at home and whether they have a vehicle with them. There may be a need for a change in coverage.

High School Students

Auto Insurance –Important – Know all the rules!

Many cities and towns have specific rules on when a teenage driver can be on the road. This is often done in the form of a curfew for 16 and 17year old drivers.

There are also ordinances that restrict the number and age of passengers in a vehicle driven by a teen.

Check with your local government to see what the rules are in your town.

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