Mixed Retail Insurance Story: Pipes Leak During COVID Crisis

restaurant insurance

Mixed Retail Insurance Story: Pipes Leak During COVID Crisis A restaurant in Naperville had a plumbing issue and leaky pipes…all while shutdown due to COVID. Already struggling with only carryout business to keep the restaurant running, old pipes started to leak and they had to shut down entirely. Turned out to be a blessing is […]

Commercial Property Insurance in Naperville

Commercial Property Insurance Naperville

Do you maintain a commercial property in Naperville? Are you aware that you must have commercial property insurance? Climate change can make a drastic change in our environment resulting to massive devastations.  Floods are feared to heighten their level because the city is not spared from inundation.  Properties such as buildings, warehouses, apartments and condominiums can […]

Group Insurance Naperville

group insurance naperville

Group insurance is a best option for individuals to secure their future without paying much its periodic payments. It is affordable as members of a certain group will pay less or their employers will shoulder the monthly premium. The employer will keep the original copy of the insurance contract and the employees will have their […]

Employers Liability Insurance Naperville

Employers Liability Insurance Naperville

Running a business is risky in the sense that nobody can predict when an accident occurs that may result to injury or death in their employee. Having workers ’ compensation insurance is not enough to cover the expenses in treating the injured or sick worker. What employers need is a policy that can cover the […]

Business Interruption Insurance Naperville

Business Interruption Insurance Naperville

If you own a certain business, big or small, business interruption insurance provides answers to income lost while operating your business as a consequence of catastrophic event. Although its coverage is wider than property insurance, it is added to an existing insurance policy or comprehensive insurance package policy. The premium is part of your business […]